The Ballad of Etc.

Exhibition Brochure
The Arts Club of Chicago

The Ballad of Etc. is a prinited extension of Abraham Cruzvillegas’ installation, mounted at the Arts Club of Chicago in September 2019. The exhibition brochure features process photos, reference images, lyrics, and a story by Gabriela Jauregui interwoven in Spanish and English. 

The catalog was designed, printed, and bound by Mary Clare Butler at Fata Morgana Press in Chicago.

Pressure printing Milkweed on the Vandercook for the brochure’s covers.

Abraham Cruzvillegas installed the work on site using found materials, plants, and string.

Printing sheets on the AB Dick Offset Press at Fata Morgana. 

Each brochure was hand-bound at Fata Morgana in an edition of 600.